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The name says it all. Sometimes the Zen of the moment takes the sound into exciting directions, but order and structure can break down as entropy ensues. Such is the nature of improvised music, and such is the nature of Zentropy....

Atlanta-based Zentropy is keyboardist Allen Welty-Green, bassist Kevin Andrews, & drummer James Dunn - sometimes as a trio and sometimes with various guests and collaborators. Together they create spontaneous music out of little more than their collective vision and talents. It's improvised but is it jazz? It's spacey but is it jam? It grooves, but is it funk? You'll have to listen for yourself and decide.

Zentropy News...

The High Road: In the Bright

A Collaboration between Zentropy and Crossover Movement Arts
presented by Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

Sunday, September 8 at 5:00pm

On the Atlanta Beltline between Memorial Drive and Kirkwood Avenue

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Reboot and Upcoming shows

In 2013, Zentropy underwent a major reboot with the addition of Kevin Andrews on various basses and Chapman Stick, and James Dunn on drums and percussion. The new line up will be debuting with two performances on the Atlanta Beltline in collaboration with Crossover Movement Company. The dates are September 8th and October 12th, 2013. Check back, or visit our Facebook Page for more details as they're announced.

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