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Zentangled (2012)
(78 mb)
Recorded live in Studio Z, Atlanta, GA
Allen Welty-Green - Keyboards
Gabriel Monticello - Basses
Corey Williams - Percussion

PC909 (2010)
(68 mb)
Recorded live at Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC
Allen Welty-Green - Keyboards
Gabriel Monticello - Basses
Davis Petterson - Percussion

EdComp 08 (2008)
(84 mb)
Recorded live on various dates at Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Allen Welty-Green - Keyboards
Jim Cotton - Bass
Davis Petterson - Percussion
with special guests
Colin Bragg - Guitar
Jamie Sheppard - Percussion


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In 2008, Zentropy Mk. 1 posted a series of open-studio and live performance podcasts on the Georgia Podcast Network site. In January of 2009, the site closed up shop and archived off their podcast library. Click here to explore the Zentropy Mk. 1 Podcast archive. If you have recommendations for a new podcast host, please let us know!

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PC909 Art

PC909 Art