Who is Zentropy?

Allen Welty-Green - Keyboards
Allen Welty-Green Though Allen Welty-Green cut his teeth is various art-rock bands in the Nashville area, most of his musical experience has been in the world of dance and theater. In the late 80s, he was the music director of the Mind's Eye Performance Art Group, taking his soundscapes to colleges, galleries and festivals across the Eastern US. After moving to Atlanta, he put together the band Z-Axis to perform his eclectic compositions, and they soon became well known for their multi-level music and multi-media performances. In 2007, Welty-Green decide to focus his energy on live improvised music and Zentropy was born.
Kevin Andrews - Basses & Chapman Stick
Gabriel Monticello Bio information to come....
James Dunn - Percussion
Corey Williams Bio information to come....

The Zentropy Story

Zentropy was founded in 2007 when composer Allen Welty-Green had an epiphany. After many years of working in mostly composed and structured environments, he found himself actively involved in the Atlanta open improv scene that centered around the notorious Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. He soon realized that he had a talent for live spontaneous musical composition and decided to take it to the next level. He sought out other veterans of the improv scene and was soon connected with drummer Davis Petterson and bassist Jim Cotton to form the first incarnation of Zentropy.

Zentropy Mk. 1 played at a number of venues across the region, including Eyedrum, the North Georgia Boogie, and the State of the Nation Festival in New Orleans. They compiled a number of their Eyedrum performances for their debut CD release, "EdComp 08", and they initiated a series of house concerts that were recorded and shared with thousands of listeners on the Georgia Podcast Network (which is unfortunately defunct, however the archived shows are still accessible via zentropymusic.com).

In Spring of 2009, Jim Cotton decided to move on and was replaced by Gabriel Monticello. Gabe came in with an impressive & diverse resumé, from classical to metal. He soon brought a new level of musicality to what had largely been a free form project. Thus was born Zentropy Mk. 2. They continued to perform at various venues as they refined their sound. In September of 2009, they were contracted to play a very well received show at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. This show was recorded and mastered and was released as "PC909."

Zentropy also participated in the first of a series of collaborations with Atlanta- dance company Crossover Movement Arts. Their contact-improv based movement, along with Zentropy's spontaneous compositions, created a very special synergy.

In the Summer of 2010, Davis bid adieu to Zentropy and they entered a long transitional period as Allen and Gabe searched for just the right drummer. Zentropy kept active during this period, with some of Atlanta's best drummers sitting in with them for various gigs. until Spring 2011, when they met the unstoppable Corey Williams. Corey's background included jazz, funk, rock, gospel, reggae, and more. In no time, the three of them had assimilated into the current incarnation of Zentropy and began taking their sounds out and about to venues across town and as far away as the Alternate ROOTS Festival on the streets of Baltimore. 

In September of 2012, Zentropy Mk. 3 released their "live-in-the-studio" CD, "Zentangled". Now they are beginning a series of performances and workshops across the region, spreading the Zentropy mojo to audiences far and wide.

At the begining of 2013, following a split with Corey, Zentropy underwent a significant reboot. Drummer James Dunn came on board, bringing with him solid prog-rock credentials and an adventurous approach to percussion. Due to Gabe's increasingly busy symphony schedule, it was mutually agreed that he would move on too. He was replaced by Kevin Andrews, long time Atlanta art-improv bassist and Chapman Stick player, and alumnus of The King Crimson-affiliated Three of a Perfect Pair Camp for two years running. With the new line up comes a more proggy direction for Zentropy, but they still have lost site of the ambient space jazz sound that their predecessors helpped to forge.

These ongoing and ever-evolving backgrounds and influences continue to make Zentropy one of the most exciting ensembles working today. Listen to their sounds and watch their videos and decide for yourself!


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